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Otpornost na prašinu i vodu: IP64

PVC Free

visina: 16
širina: 7.2 cm
težina: 28 g
materijal: PS36C/PF15

Više detalja

139,00 kn s PDV-om

Više informacija

Robust all-round protection for sensitive devices that need to be at hand. The spray and dustproof bag stores and protects mobile phones and GPS devices. It is not only water that may damage these electronic devices, but also sand, dust or the salty sea air. The foil is suitable for PDA pens, and the lower side is made of tough PU-coated fabric. Safe-it is ultralight and available in three sizes (S, M & L).

Further features:

Quick release belt loop | Neck cord with cord lock for easy adjustment

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