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Ortlieb First Aid Kit LARGE (HIGH)


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Never again without: ORTLIEBS First Aid Kits should be an inherent part component of your equipment. The First Aid Kits are waterproof sleeves made of PU-coated nylon fabric with roll closure, and are available in four different sizes and safety levels (Regular, Medium, High, Ultra-high). Regular and medium are suitable for most outdoor activities. Safety Level “High” contains (in addition to the basic) supplementary equipment required for a specific field of sport: motor biking, cycling, trekking, canoeing/kayaking, horse riding. The well stocked Ultra High version allows optimal first aid for trekking and cycling sports, and is also designed for small groups. All kits feature belt loops. The models High and Ultra High have additional straps for fixing to a backpack etc.

Further features:

_Large-scale first aid kit in waterproof sleeve made of PU-coated nylon fabric with roll closure

_Can be fixed to bag, bike seat, belt, etc.

_Basic configuration is upgraded with contents relevant for biking

_Contents were designed in cooperation with ADFC (German Cycling Association)

_Removable inner pocket for clear organization and quick access

_Comes complete with first aid kit and fixing straps

Content Bike High:

- 1 pair surgery gloves

- 2 first aid packets

- 5m tape

- 2 wound pads

- 1 set plaster strips

- 1 gauge bandage

- 1 rescue blanket

- 1 dressing bandage

- 2 sticking plasters

- 1 pair of scissors

- 1 elastic dressing

- 1 pair of tick tweezers

- 1 tube bandage for injured arm or leg

- 1 container for eye shower

- 1 cleaning brush

- 1 pair of forceps

Additional Content Bike Ultra-High:

Content Bike High zzgl.

- 1 pair surgery gloves

- 1 gauge bandage

- 3 sticking plasters

- 1 disposable clinical thermometer

- 1 triangular bandage

- 10 alcohol pads

- 1 set wound stitch strips

Please find detailed information about the content of each version at: www.ortlieb.com/_anleit/firstaid_content.pdf

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