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Limar 124 Puppies


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Vrhunska superlagana dječja kaciga za obujam glave od 45-54 cm

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181,30 kn s PDV-om


259,00 kn s PDV-om

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No fuss and no complains when 124 is on your children heads….there is a fancy graphic for any taste. And don’t forget that 124 has the same technology of its bigger brothers.

That is In-mould shell, super easy sizing system, big fat antibacterial pads and vents everywhere for a kid as fresh as a daisy. All at 190 gr, thanks to the Superlight Limar’s technology. All at a superlight price.

Technology: Monoshell In-mould - Superlight technology
Air vents: 10 air vents
Sizing system: Comfort Fit-System
Pads: Antibacterial pads
Bug Net: Yes

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